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Peyronie's Disease Exercises - Manual Penis Stretching With Massage

Peyronies disease exercises

A set of stretching and massage exercises related to Peyronie's disease possibly help in speed up recovery, when used with other treatments such as shockwave therapy. But it is important to consult a doctor before, to know if massage is suitable for your condition or at particular stage of your Peyronie's disease. Otherwise it can worsen your disease instead of alleviating the symptoms. While doing a peyronies disease exercise through massage, the biggest challenge is to maintain a consistent force. As the chances of damage from mismanagement of manipulation are comparatively high. People prefer traction device over manual massage and stretching exercise. But if carried out properly, it can speed up peyronies disease recovery in a more natural way.

How does Peyronies disease exercise works?

As massage and stretching increases the blood circulation in blood vessels. It creates tension at the massage area. To cope up with this tension, our body initiates a natural response that aims to produce more tissues that can be helpful in reducing the penile curvature. Hence, massage can help to produce healthy tissues and decrease the build up of plaque.

Exercise methods:

Penile Stretching Exercise that Reduce Curvature

Penis Sttretching for Peyronies disease
When flaccid, penis is griped from the head and massaged along the length in a gentle way. If doing manually hold the penis tip in your hand, and slowly pull it away from your body in upward direction and stretch it out for 10 seconds. Then pull the penis to the left and wait for 10 seconds, again pull it to the right and wait for another 10 seconds. Keep doing it until you feel the stretch at the base of your penis. As this exercise is performed on penis in flaccid state. The chances of damage are minimal. But if you feel any sort of discomfort, then stop right there. Do this exercise on regular basis for four to five minutes and you will start to see the results. This exercise stretches the skin causing “micro-tears” in the tissue and when these tissues start healing, they become engorged and swollen making your penis longer and curvature is reduced.


  • This penis stretching exercise should be done only when the penis is flaccid.
  • Instantly stop the exercise if you feel pain or discomfort.
  • Do these exercises after positioning yourself comfortably on a bed or against a wall.
  • Don’t do it more than 1 or 2 times a day as it can increase the chances of tissue damage.

Potential Risk

 This exercise can cause following complications:
  • Red spots
  • Discoloration
  • Minor bruises
  • Vein rupture
  • Numbness or insensitivity
See your doctor if these symptoms get severe or last for a couple of days.

Curved Jelq Exercise - Break the Plaque

This one is a more controversial peyronies disease exercise. In this exercise, pressure is applied along the side of curved penis that is supposed to help break the peyronie’s plaque. This exercise is done when penis is partially erect and it requires lubrication both on penis and hands. Put your index finger and thumb in an ‘O’ shape making an ‘OK’ sign with your hand. Using this O shaped gesture milk the penis from the base. Pull the penis in opposite direction to the curvature whiling milking it. Keep making the O smaller unless you start feeling light pressure on the shaft. Slowly move your hand towards the head of penis unless you reach the tip then start over. Reduce the pressure if it causes pain or discomfort.


  • Use a lubricant to reduce friction between your hand and penis. You can use any lotion, baby lotion and even olive oil.
  • Don’t be fully erected. Partial erection is required to do this exercise.
  • The idea is to use gentle massage to run the blood through all tissue but if you are fully erect the blood circulation is already at its peak.
  • Don’t overdo the exercise you can do it only twice a day.

Potential Risks

  • Penis can get bruised
  • You may feel pain along the shaft
  • Rubbing can cause itching or skin irritation
  • Can cause erectile dysfunction
  • Can cause damage to penis ligaments
Penis Massage for Peyronies disease

Penile Massage

Penis massage is done only when the penis is flaccid and gently massage the plague area on the side of the penis where plaque is located. You can apply extra pressure and massage firmly if that works for you. But avoid being too rough during massage as it can cause damage that can interfere with your erection also.

Risk assessment

If the massage isn’t performed correctly, it has a potential risk to worsen your condition. It is necessary to consult a doctor before, and once he approves, you can move with your exercises. Another risk factor is that it can interfere with the other medical treatments you are going through. Another prominent setback is the right use of force. As manual manipulation doesn’t ensure consistent force so there is a good chance that you might overdo it which can cause nasty results. One way to cope up with it, is to use traction device that ensures consistent mechanical force so that the chances of overdoing it become zero.

Result Expectations

Yet no scientific method is found to support the idea of penile exercises that confirms it's effectiveness. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t work. There are plenty of stories shared by people some in support of these exercises while others deny their effect. So, the only way to find out is to do it yourself in a gradual way.

Try these exercises at your will and don’t expect to get cured overnight. These exercises are one of the natural healing methods to cure peyronies disease. The success of these penis stretching exercises could be gained only when a moderate force is applied in a passionate manner.

Monday, 4 May 2020

Mental Health Awareness Month - Psychological Effects of Peyronie's Disease

Peyronies Mental Health

Peyronie’s disease (PD) is an acquired
fibrotic disorder that effect sexual health and well being in men . PD can have a significant negative impact on mood and quality of life. Although the psychological impact of PD has generally been underestimated, there has been a growing number of literature that has assessed the impact PD can have on men’s mental health and relationships.

Research : Psychological Aspect of Peyronie's

Research confirms that men with Peyronie's suffer depression and relationship distress. Approximately 50% of men with PD suffer from depressive symptoms and upwards of 80% report distress related to PD. Over 50% of men reported that PD had negatively impacted their relationship. Qualitative work in this area helps us understand the nature of this distress. Regarding body image and self-esteem, men described themselves as “abnormal”, “ugly”, “disgusting”, “like a cripple”, and a “half man”, and some of them described feelings of shame. Many men reported that they lost their sexual confidence, or ability to initiate sex with a partner, while most reported a decrease in sexual interest. Additionally, many men expressed a sense of stigmatization and isolation. This led to difficulties in speaking about their disease with sexual partners or healthcare professionals.

How to Improve Mental Health in Peyronie's

Taken in total, studies indicate that Peyronie's patients should be assessed for distress or depressive symptoms.


Councelling is a effective method to get rid of depression and distress caused by PD. Councelling could be made by self, with the help of partner or close friends. As a rule, focusing only the positive aspects and talking about the present condition can release the stress. Living healthy life by physical activities, games, sports and prayers also help. Talking about 'what you feel' can release the stress and will open bright corners of hope. And it will lead towards a healthy life day by day.

Friday, 1 May 2020

Latest Research Study for Non Invasive Management of PD

Peyronies latest treatment option

About Peyronie's disease

PD is inflammation of the penis, due to a
scar tissue that develops a plaque at the level of the albuginea (aka container of erectile tissue) and limits penis length, could also leads to a bent in it resulting a shorter penis during erections.

Although patients are treated with positive results but studies are still in progress to set some international standards for the evaluation and the treatment of peyronies disease.

Results of Latest Research

Currently, multiple treatment procedures are in practice to cure PD. Following are three important outcomes of current research study.

  • The oral treatment prove to be more working with significant results in acute phase of the disease. 
  • Alternative treatments using extra-corporeal shock wave or traction devices are promising.

  • Intra-lesional injection of CCH is the only therapy approved by the Food and Drug Administration for this condition after the stabilization of the disease. 

Many therapeutic procedures exist for the treatment of the Peyronie's disease, they are effective but they lack evidence based data. Further randomized clinical trials are needed to evaluate the current practices and to study more efficient treatments.


Monday, 20 August 2012

Peyronie's Disease - Is it Normal to Have a Curved Penis

Curved Penis

Don’t Get Confused With Penile Curvature.

You have a penile curvature but you don’t find it causing any trouble in your sexual life. Now this is quite different from what I am going to tell you about.

Congenital Penile Curvature

What you may got there as curved penis may be present since birth, congenital curvature. Its nothing but extra elasticity of tissue opposite to the curvature. So on erection you may see your penis going down!

But other than that you are finding hard to overcome that pain during intercourse. That may be an alarm, as you may be suffering from Peyronie’s.

And What Is Peyronies?

If you recall few months back , you suffered injury/trauma to your penis. This injury could have occurred during intense sexual intercourse, or repeated minor injuries or a direct impact on non-erect penis. Now instead of normal healing process to start, the thin membrane around the main penile erectile tissue heals slow and in aberrant manner. More fibrotic scar with resulting plaque occurs. This may take few months to couple of years. I hope that must have given you some idea about your disorder.

What Is Plaque Of Peyronie’s ?

Its excessive buildup of collagen tissue in your penis after injury. It is not always a curvature. It may result in indentation on any surface of your penile shaft or goes into hour glass or bottle neck deformity.

Is Your Condition Rare?

Between 6-9% of male between the ages of 45-65 are predominantly effected by penile curvature due to plaque. The change in prevalence is because of increased confidence in treatment and reporting to medical personal to seek help.

Will It Affect Your Partner?

Your Peyronie’s disease will not affect your partner as it is not a disease in real terms, and hence not communicable. It will not pose any disease alert in your community too!. What it can affect other than your sexual life, is undue mental stress to you and your sex partner.

What Should You Do?

Unless it is causing much pain or interfering in your love life just leave it! With time it has been proved to resolve on its own. It may take six to eighteen months. And this factor can be most reassuring. Just in case you don’t see any change in curvature of your penis and pain is getting severe ,you should sort treatment.

At Doctor’S Office.

Your doctor examines you and will explain you about what is Peyronie’s? Your complains and extent will determine the most suitable remedy.

About Available Peyronie’s Treatments?

  • Medical treatment for six months to a year.
  • You will be given Vitamin E supplement, alone or with colchicine both have collagenase enhancing effects, stopping progression or even resulting in regression of plaque .
  • Intralesional Verapamil /collagenase into plaque reduces size of your penile plaque, straightens the curve, improves your sexual intercourse performance.
  • Potassium aminobenzoate. Not so popular for being expensive and unpleasant side effects., still it has potent anti-fibrotic effects.
  • Extracorporeal shock wave therapy to break the plaque.
  • Xiaflex intralesional, a breakthrough in Peyronie’s disease treatment, which may just keep surgery away from you. Availability in market is conditional with FDA approval.

Surgery as option is not so much popular, although still it is always available in curvature of 60° and failed medical regimen. The reason being post-operative complication of which shortening of length of your penis is the most common.

You Will Be In Same Tone!

With so much clear about what is Peyronie’s disease, you should be comfortable with all the treatment options. From letting it resolve on its own to different modalities, you are going to get your normal to almost normal, happy, enjoyable and comfortable sex life back. All will be normal with time.