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Peyronie's Disease - Is it Normal to Have a Curved Penis

Curved Penis

Don’t Get Confused With Penile Curvature.

You have a penile curvature but you don’t find it causing any trouble in your sexual life. Now this is quite different from what I am going to tell you about.

Congenital Penile Curvature

What you may got there as curved penis may be present since birth, congenital curvature. Its nothing but extra elasticity of tissue opposite to the curvature. So on erection you may see your penis going down!

But other than that you are finding hard to overcome that pain during intercourse. That may be an alarm, as you may be suffering from Peyronie’s.

And What Is Peyronies?

If you recall few months back , you suffered injury/trauma to your penis. This injury could have occurred during intense sexual intercourse, or repeated minor injuries or a direct impact on non-erect penis. Now instead of normal healing process to start, the thin membrane around the main penile erectile tissue heals slow and in aberrant manner. More fibrotic scar with resulting plaque occurs. This may take few months to couple of years. I hope that must have given you some idea about your disorder.

What Is Plaque Of Peyronie’s ?

Its excessive buildup of collagen tissue in your penis after injury. It is not always a curvature. It may result in indentation on any surface of your penile shaft or goes into hour glass or bottle neck deformity.

Is Your Condition Rare?

Between 6-9% of male between the ages of 45-65 are predominantly effected by penile curvature due to plaque. The change in prevalence is because of increased confidence in treatment and reporting to medical personal to seek help.

Will It Affect Your Partner?

Your Peyronie’s disease will not affect your partner as it is not a disease in real terms, and hence not communicable. It will not pose any disease alert in your community too!. What it can affect other than your sexual life, is undue mental stress to you and your sex partner.

What Should You Do?

Unless it is causing much pain or interfering in your love life just leave it! With time it has been proved to resolve on its own. It may take six to eighteen months. And this factor can be most reassuring. Just in case you don’t see any change in curvature of your penis and pain is getting severe ,you should sort treatment.

At Doctor’S Office.

Your doctor examines you and will explain you about what is Peyronie’s? Your complains and extent will determine the most suitable remedy.

About Available Peyronie’s Treatments?

  • Medical treatment for six months to a year.
  • You will be given Vitamin E supplement, alone or with colchicine both have collagenase enhancing effects, stopping progression or even resulting in regression of plaque .
  • Intralesional Verapamil /collagenase into plaque reduces size of your penile plaque, straightens the curve, improves your sexual intercourse performance.
  • Potassium aminobenzoate. Not so popular for being expensive and unpleasant side effects., still it has potent anti-fibrotic effects.
  • Extracorporeal shock wave therapy to break the plaque.
  • Xiaflex intralesional, a breakthrough in Peyronie’s disease treatment, which may just keep surgery away from you. Availability in market is conditional with FDA approval.

Surgery as option is not so much popular, although still it is always available in curvature of 60° and failed medical regimen. The reason being post-operative complication of which shortening of length of your penis is the most common.

You Will Be In Same Tone!

With so much clear about what is Peyronie’s disease, you should be comfortable with all the treatment options. From letting it resolve on its own to different modalities, you are going to get your normal to almost normal, happy, enjoyable and comfortable sex life back. All will be normal with time.

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