Monday, 4 May 2020

Mental Health Awareness Month - Psychological Effects of Peyronie's Disease

Peyronies Mental Health

Peyronie’s disease (PD) is an acquired
fibrotic disorder that effect sexual health and well being in men . PD can have a significant negative impact on mood and quality of life. Although the psychological impact of PD has generally been underestimated, there has been a growing number of literature that has assessed the impact PD can have on men’s mental health and relationships.

Research : Psychological Aspect of Peyronie's

Research confirms that men with Peyronie's suffer depression and relationship distress. Approximately 50% of men with PD suffer from depressive symptoms and upwards of 80% report distress related to PD. Over 50% of men reported that PD had negatively impacted their relationship. Qualitative work in this area helps us understand the nature of this distress. Regarding body image and self-esteem, men described themselves as “abnormal”, “ugly”, “disgusting”, “like a cripple”, and a “half man”, and some of them described feelings of shame. Many men reported that they lost their sexual confidence, or ability to initiate sex with a partner, while most reported a decrease in sexual interest. Additionally, many men expressed a sense of stigmatization and isolation. This led to difficulties in speaking about their disease with sexual partners or healthcare professionals.

How to Improve Mental Health in Peyronie's

Taken in total, studies indicate that Peyronie's patients should be assessed for distress or depressive symptoms.


Councelling is a effective method to get rid of depression and distress caused by PD. Councelling could be made by self, with the help of partner or close friends. As a rule, focusing only the positive aspects and talking about the present condition can release the stress. Living healthy life by physical activities, games, sports and prayers also help. Talking about 'what you feel' can release the stress and will open bright corners of hope. And it will lead towards a healthy life day by day.

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