Friday, 1 May 2020

Latest Research Study for Non Invasive Management of PD

Peyronies latest treatment option

About Peyronie's disease

PD is inflammation of the penis, due to a
scar tissue that develops a plaque at the level of the albuginea (aka container of erectile tissue) and limits penis length, could also leads to a bent in it resulting a shorter penis during erections.

Although patients are treated with positive results but studies are still in progress to set some international standards for the evaluation and the treatment of peyronies disease.

Results of Latest Research

Currently, multiple treatment procedures are in practice to cure PD. Following are three important outcomes of current research study.

  • The oral treatment prove to be more working with significant results in acute phase of the disease. 
  • Alternative treatments using extra-corporeal shock wave or traction devices are promising.

  • Intra-lesional injection of CCH is the only therapy approved by the Food and Drug Administration for this condition after the stabilization of the disease. 

Many therapeutic procedures exist for the treatment of the Peyronie's disease, they are effective but they lack evidence based data. Further randomized clinical trials are needed to evaluate the current practices and to study more efficient treatments.


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