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Peyronie's Disease Exercises - Manual Penis Stretching With Massage

Peyronies disease exercises

A set of stretching and massage exercises related to Peyronie's disease possibly help in speed up recovery, when used with other treatments such as shockwave therapy. But it is important to consult a doctor before, to know if massage is suitable for your condition or at particular stage of your Peyronie's disease. Otherwise it can worsen your disease instead of alleviating the symptoms. While doing a peyronies disease exercise through massage, the biggest challenge is to maintain a consistent force. As the chances of damage from mismanagement of manipulation are comparatively high. People prefer traction device over manual massage and stretching exercise. But if carried out properly, it can speed up peyronies disease recovery in a more natural way.

How does Peyronies disease exercise works?

As massage and stretching increases the blood circulation in blood vessels. It creates tension at the massage area. To cope up with this tension, our body initiates a natural response that aims to produce more tissues that can be helpful in reducing the penile curvature. Hence, massage can help to produce healthy tissues and decrease the build up of plaque.

Exercise methods:

Penile Stretching Exercise that Reduce Curvature

Penis Sttretching for Peyronies disease
When flaccid, penis is griped from the head and massaged along the length in a gentle way. If doing manually hold the penis tip in your hand, and slowly pull it away from your body in upward direction and stretch it out for 10 seconds. Then pull the penis to the left and wait for 10 seconds, again pull it to the right and wait for another 10 seconds. Keep doing it until you feel the stretch at the base of your penis. As this exercise is performed on penis in flaccid state. The chances of damage are minimal. But if you feel any sort of discomfort, then stop right there. Do this exercise on regular basis for four to five minutes and you will start to see the results. This exercise stretches the skin causing “micro-tears” in the tissue and when these tissues start healing, they become engorged and swollen making your penis longer and curvature is reduced.


  • This penis stretching exercise should be done only when the penis is flaccid.
  • Instantly stop the exercise if you feel pain or discomfort.
  • Do these exercises after positioning yourself comfortably on a bed or against a wall.
  • Don’t do it more than 1 or 2 times a day as it can increase the chances of tissue damage.

Potential Risk

 This exercise can cause following complications:
  • Red spots
  • Discoloration
  • Minor bruises
  • Vein rupture
  • Numbness or insensitivity
See your doctor if these symptoms get severe or last for a couple of days.

Curved Jelq Exercise - Break the Plaque

This one is a more controversial peyronies disease exercise. In this exercise, pressure is applied along the side of curved penis that is supposed to help break the peyronie’s plaque. This exercise is done when penis is partially erect and it requires lubrication both on penis and hands. Put your index finger and thumb in an ‘O’ shape making an ‘OK’ sign with your hand. Using this O shaped gesture milk the penis from the base. Pull the penis in opposite direction to the curvature whiling milking it. Keep making the O smaller unless you start feeling light pressure on the shaft. Slowly move your hand towards the head of penis unless you reach the tip then start over. Reduce the pressure if it causes pain or discomfort.


  • Use a lubricant to reduce friction between your hand and penis. You can use any lotion, baby lotion and even olive oil.
  • Don’t be fully erected. Partial erection is required to do this exercise.
  • The idea is to use gentle massage to run the blood through all tissue but if you are fully erect the blood circulation is already at its peak.
  • Don’t overdo the exercise you can do it only twice a day.

Potential Risks

  • Penis can get bruised
  • You may feel pain along the shaft
  • Rubbing can cause itching or skin irritation
  • Can cause erectile dysfunction
  • Can cause damage to penis ligaments
Penis Massage for Peyronies disease

Penile Massage

Penis massage is done only when the penis is flaccid and gently massage the plague area on the side of the penis where plaque is located. You can apply extra pressure and massage firmly if that works for you. But avoid being too rough during massage as it can cause damage that can interfere with your erection also.

Risk assessment

If the massage isn’t performed correctly, it has a potential risk to worsen your condition. It is necessary to consult a doctor before, and once he approves, you can move with your exercises. Another risk factor is that it can interfere with the other medical treatments you are going through. Another prominent setback is the right use of force. As manual manipulation doesn’t ensure consistent force so there is a good chance that you might overdo it which can cause nasty results. One way to cope up with it, is to use traction device that ensures consistent mechanical force so that the chances of overdoing it become zero.

Result Expectations

Yet no scientific method is found to support the idea of penile exercises that confirms it's effectiveness. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t work. There are plenty of stories shared by people some in support of these exercises while others deny their effect. So, the only way to find out is to do it yourself in a gradual way.

Try these exercises at your will and don’t expect to get cured overnight. These exercises are one of the natural healing methods to cure peyronies disease. The success of these penis stretching exercises could be gained only when a moderate force is applied in a passionate manner.


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